Edit and Share PDFs

PDFs have the unique quality of being highly convenient and incredibly inconvenient at the same time.


That’s mainly because it’s just a simple PDF file. That causes trouble when you need to add to or edit the document or especially when you want its content to be recognized by Google for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Something to solve that problem is called Paperturn.
This product is so easy to use, all it requires is to upload the PDF and enter your account info. Once these two steps are done, an editable and “page-turning” PDF flipbook document is created.

Since it is hosted on Amazon Cloud servers you can send people a URL to the PDF instead of the file itself. You can send out a link either by e-mail, social media or right from a website.  And it’s more than just a PDF – you can now interact with the document and embed videos, photos, and links right into it.  Embedding these features into your flipbook with help your readers navigate throughout the PDF easier.

There is also an online search engine feature that allows you to promote your publication online more prominently. Use Paperturn to convert anything from company brochures to menu cards to manuals and newsletters.

Paperturn also allows you to personalize the colors of your PDF if you are representing a business or firm as well as add logos or designs to your liking. If you are aiming for only a select audience there is a ‘Privacy’ feature allowing the flip book to be seen by only those whom you wish to see it.

If you are interested in Paperturn, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial and then sign up for monthly plans that are around $29 a month. This product is available in multiple languages so to learn more, visit paperturn.com.

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