Google to Reorganize Into New Company Called “Alphabet”

Who among us would love to pursue any project our little hearts desired? The answer is simple – everyone would love to do that.  But we don’t all have the money, man-power, or creativity to do it.  Well, Google founders and executives have the fluidity and financial means to do pretty much as they please. And today, the internet is buzzing with news of Alphabet – Google’s latest endeavor. Alphabet will be the means to accomplishing all of Google’s goals and appeasing their whims.  But what is it?


This is the best way to explain what Alphabet is about: Alphabet is a collection of companies (also known as an Umbrella corporation).  One of those companies will be Google (known as a subsidiary).  Basically, Google execs have decided to quit attempting to make a Google brand out of everything. By divvying up their projects thoughtfully and managing them as separate entities the goal is to keep Google from getting to big to fail.

Alphabet will essentially be a conglomerate of different companies and projects. Google will still hold things like Maps, Chrome, Android, and YouTube just as it currently does but additionally, Alphabet will manage Calico (a company focused on extending lifespan), X Lab (mother of the drone delivery systems), and Life Sciences (a health based company that is currently developing a contact lens that will measure glucose) just to name a few.

While big changes are going on at Google, consumers should not see a difference; Google will still exist and run as usual. Also, once their other branches start producing results or products they will most likely be branded as the branch rather than Alphabet. Just like when you buy Tylenol you may not realize your money is going to Johnson & Johnson but when you buy baby shampoo you do. 

Google, as usual, is constantly innovating; right down to the basic structure of a company. The question remains: will the risk pay off? Let’s be honest, they haven’t gotten too much wrong so far (we’ll just ignore Google Plus right now).  NewsWatch will keep you posted as these changes go into effect. Stay tuned!We will have to endure some shake ups in the chain of command over there; current Google CEO Larry Page will become the CEO of Alphabet and stepping up to be CEO of Google will be Sundar Pichai. However, since Pichai has been a key player over at Google for a while now he should keep the status quo; at least for now.


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