Stay Connected in Real Time with Family and Friends

Connecting with family and friends has been made even easier as of late with a new app called Wisper.


This app takes the idea of apps like SnapChat and Wickr that have a self-destruct feature to share content, and takes it to a new level. The idea behind Wisper is that we should live in the here and now and try to be as authentic as possible. That’s why Wisper stresses real time video and photo messages. You can share moments in the form of a video, photo, message, sticker, or sketch – and it will disappear on both phones within 25 seconds of being opened. Similar to Snapchat, you get notified if someone screenshots a photo and you can sketch over your photos or videos and change up fonts as well.

There is also a feature for taking selfies where the phone will capture images and video from both the front camera and the back – so you’re never missing out. Another feature called Lyfe allows friends to see a storyline of your day. People can like your posts and you can like your friend’s posts by sliding their Lyfe post to the right and clicking on the heart. The future function called LIVE allows the user to stream live videos of themselves so that friends can join in and watch. They can ask you questions and interact with you. It’s like broadcasting yourself on your own channel.

If you want to stay connected in real time with all your family and friends and go download Wisper now, it is available for free on iOS with an Android compatible app arriving in August. Stop by your app store to download it today.

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