Learn Hydroponics

Have you ever heard of hydroponic gardening?


It’s a type of gardening where plants grow without soil, and instead in a nutrient rich water solution.  While it’s growing in popularity around the globe (especially with the legalization of medical marijuana), there’s a ton of misinformation on the technique.  So we caught up with BigMike Straumietis, the President and CEO of Advanced Nutrients Ltd., the driving force behind Grow Med University, to learn about his free online courses for hydroponic techniques.

“GrowMed University was created for hydroponic growers, and I don’t care if you’ve got two black thumbs you go onto GrowMed University and we’re going to turn you into champions. There is so much what I called myths, half-truths, and hippie magic out there that somebody had to have a site where the truth, the facts, and growing was simplified so anybody can do it. People go on the internet and they get the wrong information and we wanted to make it just brain dead simple with a step by step easy process to follow whether you’re a novice or a grandmaster grower, you’re going to learn a ton of information you’re going to be able to take your crop to the next level..”

-Big Mike Straumietis

GrowMed University covers a broad range of topics through its online courses including how to build a grow room, growing systems, substrates, nutrients, pest and diseases, and harvesting and drying.

To enroll in their online course, head on over to GrowMedUniversity.com for their 6-part learning experience.

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