Share Kindness Around the World

The ancient philosopher Philo said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Just click on the news at any point in the day and you’ll see the tumultuous path many people are on. It all comes down to failure to treat men and women with kindness.


With that in mind, check out the app uKind. This app allows people to show gratitude to others all over the world for acts of kindness. They do this by sending kindness points to people. The more points people rack up the higher their aptitude is for kindness, which in turn will likely result in more kind acts.

Kindness points can be redeemed for fun rewards as well – things like gift cards or headphones – it’s not necessarily about the rewards, but a way to reinforce kindness by all. In a world where people are intertwined more than ever with one another through social media outlets, uKind users are encouraged to share their experiences and kindness points with friends and strangers likewise on all other social media platforms.

With full social media integration you can send or receive kindness points through Facebook and Twitter as well as through text and e-mail. Lead by example and demonstrate how kindness can be inspirational to people all over the world. And just to keep the negative out of the app, moderators monitor the publicly shared posts so that only kindness is being shared.

If you want to be someone who helps the movement of promoting more kindness not only to your friends, but also to your community and even worldwide, then download the uKind app. It is available on iOS for free so head over to the app store and download it today.

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