Manage Your Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs that allow you to redeem free or discounted services and products are a great way to save money in the long run. It seems every business offers loyalty programs these days from Starbucks to Panera to the local bodega. It can get a little unwieldy to hold onto and even manage that many cards or programs. The app Giift has solved this problem.

You can load all your programs right into Giift’s digital wallet. Once they’re all uploaded you’ll get an estimate of what each one represents in dollar amounts. Based off the programs you belong to, you can see deals that you can take advantage of and see if you’re near any retailers. The app helps save time and money while allowing its users to be the most efficient shoppers possible.

Another feature and one of the most unique ones that Giift offers is the ability to exchange points between loyalty programs. They have turned the concept of loyalty points into exchangeable currency.  For example, you can exchange Starwood Points for a certain amount of miles with Delta or JetBlue. Before confirming that exchange you can see what the exchange rate is between the loyalty or miles program. Giift also works with gift cards the same way. You no longer have to worry about receiving gift cards from friends or family to places you know you will never go to. Put the money to better use and exchange it with the Giift app. More so, the app is secure and confidential as its dealing involve currency.

If you want to experience this new age digital wallet you can download the app for free today by heading to the App Store and searching for “Giift.”

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