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A recent study shows that 2/3rds of Americans do not budget their expenses. In the same study it was found that those with higher incomes tend to stick to a budget. We can glean from this that a trick of the more financially successful is to build a budget. An app to help with this trick and help you learn to manage your own budget is called Budget Sense.

budget sense
Designed to make budgeting a cinch, it gives you a “fuel tank” view of your finances and has three easy to understand actions –how much you spend, how much you make or take in, and analytics of your budget. It will retain whatever income and expenditure data you enter into it, and in the view section you can see where your money is spent. Whether it is on entertainment, education, food, or shopping.  All you have to do is enter the product or service on Budget Sense and with Apple Watch compatibility you can take a look at your budget when you’re standing in line for a purchase.

It even helps in the organization of your bills, taking into account what you have paid, as well as your income, what you expect to make and what you expect to save. With this new gadget in your pocket, you will know how much you should or can spend in a day, week, and even per month.

Budget Sense is free on iOS devices and there’s a paid version of the app that goes for $1.99 that offers iCloud sync, a tip calculator and a receipt scanner. Go to the app store today and search for “Budget Sense” to download it.

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