Learn to Play the Piano

Learning the piano is a great way for people to develop and learn discipline. However, piano lessons can be expensive and learning alone can sometimes lack the fun aspect of the process. That is where One Smart Piano comes in.

one smart piano
One Smart Piano is a new piano that fuses technology and fun with traditional piano learning models. With iOS and Android compatibility this full sized keyboard has 88 hammer-action keys that resemble the touch and experience of playing a grand piano. The LED lights will wait for you to play the correct notes and guide you through any song. The lights are synchronized with scrolling musical notes and voice instructions that respond to the player’s fingers.

The accompanying app features hundreds of songs including ones by artists like Rihanna and Coldplay as well as classical, jazz, and kid-friendly songs. Built in speakers in the piano work to play music from third-party apps like Apple Music and Spotify.

Ever have the issue of practicing so much and driving your friends and family crazy? The headphone feature allows you to plug in and go silent so that your practicing doesn’t disturb the people around you. Learn piano in a fast and fun way without spending thousands of dollars on equipment and lessons. This new product allows you to learn at your own pace, so it’s a long lasting product. You also have the ability to purchase pieces of this product separately. If you want only the keyboard and no bench, One Smart Piano makes that possible. The ability to buy this product piece by piece helps customers save money.

One Smart Piano is currently being funded through an Indiegogo campaign. To find out more about it or to donate go to smartpiano.com today.

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