Smart Easy Home Security

In this day and age its more important than ever to keep your home or dorm safe and protected. Most home security systems can be quite the investment, or impractical for those spending just a couple of semesters in a dorm room. Finally there is a solution that bridges this security gap. A proper security system like the smanos DIY Self Monitored W020 alarm system is the way to go.


Made with simplicity as the key design feature, it is as easy as plugging it in and downloading the free iOS or Android smartphone app. From there it’s simply a matter of connecting it to wifi. Like any proper home protection device, the W020 creates quite a loud and intimidating alarm when it is triggered. Guaranteed to be the last thing any unwanted guests want to hear. Given the smartphone integration, you will be sent push notifications as soon as its triggered so you always know whats going on even when youre away. With the app you can change any settings, like the siren volume and time, exit and entry delays, and other security functions. Its a smart alarm system that doesnt require a contract or monthly fees.

Smanos has another device in their security arsenal called the IP6 camera. It connects to your WiFI network as well, allowing you to see and hear everythings that going on in your home. Itll even allow two-way communication. Put the W020 and IP6 together and you have a simple plug and play security solution for your house or dorm. You can purchase these smanos items from, or

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