3D Home Buying and Design

Hunting for a new home is never easy, not to mention renovating one. Luckily there is an app worth checking out that helps with this process.


RoOomy is an app that with a search function meant for finding new homes through real estate sites. What separates it from the pack though, is the ability to rearrange and design the rooms to create an ideal future home. The 3D designs of the furniture and objects are extremely realistic. The high resolution textures and proportional modeling make it seem like it’s a photo of the real thing.

Once you find the room you want to redesign, roOomy will convert it into a 3D image. From then you can move things around, or remove and add furniture. There are currently six hundred furnishing products in their database but they plan to have as many as five thousand in the coming months. Each of these isconnected to a product page so you can check out the details and even buy the item. Beyond looking at just real estate pages you even have the option to upload and convert your own photos to a 3D rendering and begin designing your existing space. This is also perfect for real estate agents who want to upload images of what the space could look like to help spark peoples imagination. roOomy is a free app on the iPad. So search “roOomy” to download it today, or head to their website roOomy.com for more information.

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