Amazon’s Fire TV Outsells Apple TV Knocking it into 4th Place Amongst Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire TV Stick

A study performed by Parks Associates, a market research firm, showed Apple TV dropping from #3 to #4 in streaming device sales. This is due to the growing popularity of Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick which took the #3 spot.

Apple TVAhead of Amazon and Apple are Roku and Google Chromecast taking the #1 and #2 spots respectively. These four giants make up an incredible 86 % of the streaming market.

Now, while these figures might seem black and white in terms of sales, they don’t exactly provide a clear picture in terms of popularity.

The study also tracked usage within the household where Apple TV is still #3. So while Fire TV is more popular as a new purchase, it still hasn’t become a more popular device to actually stream content with. Yet. If sales are an indicator of things to come, then Apple needs to step up its game before it loses the race.

The Director of Research of Parks Associates, Barbara Kraus had this to say about the study, “The market consolidation around these four brands forces new entrants to develop more creative features and functionality to tap into the strong consumer demand for streaming content. Devices with additional functionality such as the Intel Compute stick may be a sign of things to come, where streaming is not the primary function but an extra feature to provide additional value.”

That being said, a new Apple TV is already rumored to be released this year (fingers crossed). The newest updated device will supposedly have Siri-capability to locate movies and shows (read: voice-activated device) as well as a touch and voice-commanded remote and App Store support. Hopefully we’ll be getting this next month along with the new iPhone 6s.

It’s about time as their last update to the hardware was close to three years ago. In technology years that means the Apple TV is ripe to start collecting social security.

As they’ve proven in the past with a few fancy moves and some innovative features they can move up the rankings once again. And let’s not count out their incredible marketing campaigns. We’re all suckers for those. Am I right?

So keep an eye out for Apple’s new releases next month and let’s see what happens. All I can say is, the next Apple TV better have a bigger remote because if I lose this thing one more time amongst my blankets I’m going to take a baseball bat to it, Al Capone style.


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