The Latest in 3D Printing

It is safe to say that 3D printing is the rage these days. The technology has near limitless practical application to all sorts of problems. With 3D printers we can print pretty much anything imaginable from small pens and trinkets to fully functioning cars. Even with this fantastic technology there is still room for improvement, mainly with the look of the final printing product. The issue is that they are primarily all printed with plastic. The aesthetics of textured plastic are not the most appealing, unfortunately.

Frontline Metal Copper Aluminum BronzeThe fine folks over at MakerSome have solved that problem with their new PLA and Aluminum hybrid filament. This filament allows you to produce more aesthetically pleasing objects with a hard smooth finish. Their metal filament line includes aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. MakerSome is the only company that offers this type of filament so you know youre getting something unique here. Acquiring this filament is easy enough, as each type is sold in 250 gram spools for under $20 a spool on their website. In addition to the metal filament they have an Elite filament line which offers a high quality USA made product, along with their standard filament line. Each of these has about 20 different colors to choose from, so there shouldn’t be any issue in finding the right color for your project.

MakerSome is in the 3D printing business so it goes without saying that they are also a trusted source on the printers themselves, like the Zeus All In One 3D printer and scanner. To check out all of MakerSomes products go to today.

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