SAT Prep in an App

For all the students out there, there is no such thing as too earlyto start prepping for the PSAT and SAT. We looked into the best solution for getting prepared because thats what we do here at NewsWatch. As with many things these days, this new studying solution is an app, called Zinkerz SAT. Think of it like your own SAT prep tutor in the form of an app.Zinkerz - Mody Exam SheetThis efficient tool lets students prep for the PSAT and SAT with full practice exams, personalized material, games, and even a study road-map. It produces daily material like exercises that cover every topic on the SAT from geometry to grammar. Students can tackle mini challenges that test their knowledge against the clock.

Of course, there is a practice test every week.
Practice exams are an essential way to prepare for the real thing, especially with the challenging material that Zinkerz covers. There are four full practice exams with more coming soon. Each is timed and graded just like the real thing so they really get in the frame of mind of taking standardized tests.

Additional features include drills and flashcards, experience and level rewards, and over five hours of free content. With all these study tools built into one place, it saves students both time and money on supplies. Not to mention, the ability to bring study materials on the go in such a compact format ensures students have no excuse to not be prepared! The app is free but to use Zinkerz SAT its $9.99 for one month, $19.99 for 3, and $59.99 for a year. You can download it on iOS or Android devices in your app store, or head to for more information today.

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