Wi-Fi Speakers for the Home

We’re no strangers to high quality wireless speakers. Given it is such a popular market these days, making the right choice for the best sound and best value is important. There are plenty of wireless speakers out there which can connect to your device easily enough, but if it doesn’t provide the sound you want it is essentially worthless. Hitachi Speakers, on the other hand, are a great choice. They back up the tech with the high quality sound you desire.


These are smart speakers which feature Wi-Fi streaming. They wok by linking up to your Wi-Fi network, and are accessible via any smartphone or device with the free Hitachi Wi-Fi Speaker app. This means you and your friends can be linked at the same time and switch back and forth to create a playlist without having to unlink. It really saves time and hassle, helping everyone to be happy with what they’re hearing.

With multiple speakers, you can connect them all to stream the same music in different rooms, have each one play a different song, and control individual volume levels to create an immersive musical environment. Theres also a Bluetooth 4.0 re-streaming function that lets you stream any music on your device from one speaker to the rest of the speakers in your network. At the same time, the speakers remain practical a built-in regular 3.5 inch jack to plug into. Besides the capabilities and slick design of the Hitachi Speakers, they stand out in another way. Their price. They come in at around half the price of other competitors. Look for The Hitachi Speakers exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com.

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