Affordable High Speed Cable & Internet

“Back to school”  is  a phrase that can trigger both good and bad memories. Whether it’s fond memories of inseparable bonds formed between the best of friends, to the more stressful recollections of over-night cramming for the exam week. Regardless, it’s essential to prepare for those more stressful moments. RCN One thing you’re going to want to make sure is that you have fast, reliable internet and top-notch cable TV. After all, students . whether living at home or as college students in their apartments, will need solid internet to do their research. Of course there will always be down time between those hard studying blocks  so television is an essential addition the package. For those who live in the Northeast, you may be lucky enough to get RCN service.

RCN is gaining praise from publications like PC Magazine where they ranked #1 in overall satisfaction and highest satisfaction for pricing. For anyone who is a fan of streaming, look no further. Netflix praises them for having the fastest internet connections, and they are even YouTube HD Verified. These accolades are because RCN offers super-fast Internet speeds that’ll give you seamless video streaming as well as HD-quality TV.

Even the best speeds and quality are only prat of the deal. If it is too pricey for the average family, let alone poor college student to afford, then it isn’t worth the investment. This is where RCN really shines as they are affordable as well. With prices consistently coming in at least $15-$30 under some big name providers, it is a deal worth investing in. Students or parents who want to find out if RCN is available in their area should visit the brand new, mobile-friendly website at today.

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