Mobile Time Capsule App

We love the idea of documenting the where and the when of our every move. Thats what social media is all about. It can be described like a digital scrapbook. We can use it as a time capsule to look back on in the future. Here is what we call a geo-social app which takes that idea to a whole new level. Its called Hereshot and it allows you to post any type of media, then attribute a time and place to that media.


Post pictures, thirty second HD videos, even links to news stories. From there just tag it with a location and a time. Any content posted will be there to revisit at any time whether you, your friends, or social connections want to find it when they search the right tags. Lets say you post a photo from Disneyworld in 1987, you can then tag the date and the location. People can then search for posts in that location or that year and see your photo.

On top of that the app includes a real time feed feature, so you can see what people are posting at the moment or if there are any newsworthy events. As this is a social app you can follow people or block people you dont want to see your posts. Customize your geo-social experience. You can download Hereshot for free on any iOS device by searching ‘Hereshot’ on the App Store or visiting today.

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