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Boxing has long been a popular sport. But despite its popularity there aren’t really any dedicated websites that cater to boxing fans exclusively. Except for


This website is chock-full of boxing news and editorials for the passionate boxing fan. With over 30 writers contributing and growing, putting out 3 to 5 boxing stories a day, there is no lack of content. With everything from interviews and videos, to fight results and polls, to fleshed out articles, this site will satiate even the most avid fans appetite.

It’s not limited to just U.S. fighters either. They cover thousands of fighters in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, South America, Europe and more. The website is interactive with its fans from all over the world and takes and stories or videos they send in and credit you on any published work.

You don’t even have to worry about needing to be on a desktop to enjoy the site either as they have a highly aesthetic mobile site that contains all the content from the full site. To make sure you don’t miss anything you can also check out their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. If you’re a boxing fan or have ever had even the smallest interest in the sport go take a look at the site at

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