Peer to Peer Investing

Do you like the idea of investing money but hate how risky it is? What traditional investing apps lack are fun and interactive scenarios that engage users while earning them money. The Mr. Onion app has created this setting. This new peer-to-peer investing and social networking app is currently launched in China and once you download the app and register you can get started.

Onion Website

You can start with as little as $16 with no fees and the option to pull your money back any point. It’s pretty much investing with no risk. As soon as you put your money in you can see where it goes and how many people are investing in it. You start with a 6% return and each quarter it goes up until it hits a 10% return where it then stays. With its social networking function you can invite friends to grow your Onion Circle then chat one on one, group chat or play games and compete to earn Onions, which is their Virtual Currency. “Onions” are then redeemable for real-world goods or can be cashed out.

Mr. Onion is available in China on iOS and Android devices.

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