Your Wearable Backup Brain

Often, when we try and remember to do something, we forget. Instead of trying to retain all of it, we’ve resorted to digital notes. Something that makes taking notes a lot easier is MYLE.


MYLE is a wearable tech that clips onto your shirt. When you want to memorize anything or make a note all you have to do is to tap it and speak. MYLE will save your thought as an audio note, and automatically sync it with your phone, convert it to text, analyze by context, assign by your applications and execute. It even works when you don’t have your phone so you can wear it everywhere. However, if you do have your phone, you can connect MYLE to your smartphone or any device and if it gets any further than 10 feet away it’ll beep so you don’t lose it. It can connect to your apps as well including the calorie tracker, grocery lists, calendar appointments, posts to social media and more. A new feature even enables you to create your own apps for MYLE in addition to integrating it with existing applications.

Not only can you share any memorable events on Facebook or Twitter, but you can also put your thoughts to Evernote or Slack, and manage your business notes with Salesforce or Time-Sheet reports. MYLE can save up to 2,000 notes at any time or place without a phone. The time-saving aspect of this device alone stands out as it allows you to save more than an hour every day.

MYLE’S standard color is black but you have the choice of five different colors and you can currently vote for colors on their Indiegogo campaign. Myle recognizes 42 languages and is easy to charge. You can pre-order it now for $99, and there’s also a promotion where two people can receive $20 each when a friend refers someone. Go to to learn more.

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