Expert Photography Lighting

If you’re an action photographer or someone who wants a robust camera lighting setup then this new product is right for you.


The ELB 400 is a portable 400ws flash system for semi pro and pro photographers who travel and shoot on location. It’s under 5 pounds and extremely portable but powerful. The ELB 400 can charge up to 350 full powered flashes, allowing photographers to capture tons of images on a single charged Lithium-ion battery. It can go from dead to full charge in about an hour and a half. Its perfect for portraits as well as action shots thanks to its asynchronous diffusion of light, which enables photographers to capture the proper contrast ratio, and its two flash pack that syncs speeds greater than 1/320 sec.

Now again it’s for the on-location shoot so this camera is rugged and pretty weather-resistant. With the built-in Elinchrom Skyport system you can remotely adjust the ELB, fire and configure it from your skyport transmitter, laptop or even the iOS app.

This product is well suited for photographers who want or need to work everywhere with no limitations. You can buy the ELB 400 as part of a kit. Each kit comes with the ELB 400 and its battery, charger, strap, Skyport and a choice of the action or pro heads. The differences between the kits are the type of heads. Fast flash duration use the action head. Normal flash duration use the Pro head. Go to to see supporting dealers today to pick up one of these bad boys or any of the compatible accessories in the Elinchrom series.

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