High End Web Collaboration

The workplace of the future is here. And if you work in an environment where you have to join meetings, share information, and collaborate regardless of your location, then you should check out Polycom’s RealPresence Web Suite.


RealPresence Web Suite is a web collaboration tool that has high end voice, video, and content sharing tools, allowing you to Join an existing meeting, start an impromptu one, or schedule a future meeting regardless of your location. All you need is a web browser. Then you can start sharing multiple documents with multiple participants in the meeting. The meeting host can allow other participants to share content with up to 6 documents viewed at once. And participants on the call can annotate in real time.

During the meeting you can “point” to a section of the document or presentation you’re talking about for emphasis. You can even pre-attach documents while scheduling so when the meeting starts everything is all queued up. When one person is speaking, the auto zoom frame and zoom feature does just that, to any person in the room who is speaking.

RealPresence is a resource that will benefit inter-business relationships as well as relationship with partners worldwide. It will open more doors for opportunities to collaborate and expand beyond the community or office. The key to RealPresence Web Suite is the ease with which you can host or join web collaboration meetings. RealPresence Web Suite lets you easily arrange meetings by automatically sending calendar invitations so participants can simply click to join. Now, the workplace of the future is all about open and collaborative environments, with quality user experiences and integrated workflows. To find out more about RealPresence Web Suite go to polycom.com today.

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