Smart Phone and Tablet Accessories

It seems that in this era of technology we can’t get enough accessories for our phones and tablets. That makes sense because it is hard to live without them in a society which functions off them. We all know and despise the feeling of being out and about without a way to charge our phones.


An accessory company that aimed its efforts to fix that common problem is called Cellstall. They’ve got a wide range of accessories for many different brands including phone and tablet chargers. Let’s highlight two of their products.

The USB charger is a smart charger, which means it can identify the exact charge rate necessary to charge your phone without hurting the battery. It has dual USB ports so you can charge up to two devices at a time. This product is available for Apple, Samsung, and more.

The other product is their Cell Phone Travel Charger Set that does exactly that, charges your phone while you travel. It has a Dual USB charger as well as a Car charger that you can plug your USB into while on the road. Its available for most all brands and comes with both a 3 foot and 6 foot 8-point cable for iOS devices. With its quick charge and over-load protection this products is perfect for charging all your devices on the go. Like the USB charger, it also protects the battery when overheated and charges devices faster.

Both products come with a one-year warranty and no questions asked. The USB charger goes for $11.99 while the Travel Charger sells for $18.99. So, head on over to or Amazon to buy one today.

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