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In a world dominated by social-media and online reputations, it’s getting harder to stay anonymous. If you don’t want to be off the grid completely, but want some shred of privacy then Clustr is the app for you.


Clustr is a new app that’s designed to show you where your social media friends are located while keeping their identities anonymous.  When you log in, Clustr shows you on a map where groups of friends are hanging out.  Tapping on a cluster will show you which venue has the most activity. This can be at a bar or a club or any spot that’s really hopping.

Clustr shows you how many guys versus girls there are as well as the average age of the group. Clustr measures this ratio from users of the app as well as any facebook friends you may have in those locations. Again you can see numbers and gender but not their actual identity unless you ask them to reveal themselves right through the app – which can be anonymously declined too.  Once you open the app your own location is tracked anonymously on a map for three hours. The app is quite simple but brings a privacy element to the social media world as well as getting the lay of the land at a given location.

Clustr is available for free on iOS with an Android app coming soon. Head to the app store to download Clustr today.

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