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Now that we live in an era run by technology, most people can’t live without a GPS app. Although there are many variations of GPS applications, Sygic is incredibly efficient.


Sygic was the first navigation app available for the iPhone worldwide back in 2009. With over 100 million users across their various platforms, Sygic is chockfull of features.

The app allows you to navigate anywhere using all the usual functions but where it starts to differ is in its offline navigation feature. You can be offline and still get to where you’re going. This means that you can navigate anywhere without Internet, for free. It even stores points of interest on the map so you don’t have to go online to look for addresses to restaurants or shops in your area. This GPS also comes with voice guidance making it a safer tool to use when navigating. Services like Yelp, FourSquare, Viator, and Trip Advisor are integrated, allowing you to book activities right through the app. Another convenient feature is the ability of iPhone users to link Sygic to their Apple Watch as well as Google Glass.

The app is free while extra features can be purchased within the app. Sygic is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can download it for free in your app store today.

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