Splash M-Knife | HOYA Group PENTAX Medical

Stomach cancer or gastric cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the world. In fact there are close to a million new cases diagnosed every year. A vital procedure which is effective in removing early signs of stomach cancer as well as cancer in the esophagus and colon is called ESD, short for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection. This procedure has become more and more “popular” in the last decade. Now the Japanese company HOYA Group PENTAX Medical is launching an innovative multi-functional device to help simplify the ESD procedure. It’s called the Splash M-Knife.

It’s job, which it does well, is to achieve clearer marking of the affected area, better hemostasis or stopping of the bleeding as well as a smoother and much simpler operation without ever having to replace the knife during surgery. There’s a special disk section of the knife that helps hooks up the tissue for improved safety and also ease of cutting. The metal plate in this section has the ability to mark more clearly.

It has a unique water-jet function that allows any additional injection without need to change the device as well as clarifying the bleeding point for a better view. Pentax Medical’s new innovative device has high hopes to improve this vital procedure and with that save more lives.

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