The Eternal Skylane System

Imagine you’re years into the future. If you look around, you’ll know it’s the future because there are flying cars. By flying cars, I mean vertical take off and landing automated personal airplanes. Not just any airplane, but an X-wing from the Star Wars Universe. The X-wing will have a top speed of 350 mph and a range of 1000 miles.

The idea is to create Woody Guthrie’s Endless Skyway, a middle tier system of transportation above cars and below air traffic. Not only can it fly but it can also drive on roads up to 40 mph. The new product will alleviate air traffic by creating a new tier. Guthrie is quoted as saying;

 “Before I reach the day I die, I want to see the X-wing fly. Do not ask me to ponder why, for Yoda said there is no try. So I will say what I will say, and let the chips fall where they may.”

The MX-400 as Echo Special Events calls it, is the world’s first and most advanced 4-passenger vertical takeoff with the functionality of flying like a jet and hovering like a helicopter. It will combine the personalization of the automobile with the speed and safety of a commercial airplane. Another benefit to the X-wing is the idea of lessening road traffic and therefore decreasing the amount of traffic accidents and fatalities around the world. This investment has the potential not only to save time and create more efficient lives, but also to save them.

Echo Special Events is seeking $3.1 million dollars to fund the first in a series of events. To find out more about the project and the projected return on investment, email

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