Authentic Italian Olive Oil and App

Something you probably don’t think about too often is the olive oil business. Many people don’t realize that there are numerous cases of fraud being reported in the industry. This little known situation involves the blending of oils from different countries and then labeling them “Italian.”


So a company called Bellucci is working to bring this situation to light by not only offering three 100% authentic Italian extra virgin olive oils, but also with an app that focuses on the traceability of their oils.  So once you’ve made your salad or favorite recipe Bellucci extra virgin olive oil, you can plug in the lot number on the back of the bottle and trace it to the exact region it’s located in, then see background info on the region. This way you know that it’s authentic and is from an actual mill in Sicily or Puglia for example.  If you liked the Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil then use the app to trace your next bottle of Bellucci from wherever you are. There are also other features in the app, like a recipe section, to make other delicious meals using their oils.

If you enjoy authentic Italian cuisine or want to find Bellucci, then head on over to the app store and search for “Bellucci” today or go to The app is available on iOS and Android devices for free.

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