Pay With Your Selfie

It is widely known and acknowledged that a key aspect of a successful business is providing an authentic and convenient experience, especially when it comes to the food industry. One particular app that uses 21st century trends to authenticate their customers dining experience is called ETUP.


The ETUP app was created by Lucova for a client under their white label product line for campuses known as CampX.  Working specifically with food service providers on campuses, CampX aims to humanize the on-campus experience by making the whole purchasing experience easier on both the students and the merchants while at the same time adding a personal touch.

Students can now get special perks through the app and pay for meals with a feature called “Pay With Your Selfie” that matches the student’s photo against a secure, tokenized form of their credit or meal plan card to enable a secure in-store transaction.  When they arrive at the store to make their purchase the staff can address them by first name and add that personal touch that was previously referred to.  More so, this authenticity increases efficiency for the business by speeding up the payment process allowing the business room to make more profit and produce more satisfaction for their customers.

CampX also provides data analytics so food service providers can fully understand the behavior of their customers and also push real-time notifications or promotions to customers when they are in a food services location on campus – places like a cafeteria or coffee shop.

The ETUP app is free to download on iOS and Android devices so head over to the app store today.

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