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Traveling abroad can be a thrilling experience, but one major problem many people face is trying to avoid racking up a huge cell phone bill while still needing to use a cell phone. Use Cellhire SimSmart Prepaid. It works in over 190 countries and will help you save money.


It is a super simple system where you buy a sim card from them online and replace your current phone’s sim card with it.   It allows you to see your minutes and text message rates as you use it, but it stops working once you hit the cap that you’ve paid for.  Until you pay for more usage, it is important not to go over what you initially paid for.

There is also another option to buy an inexpensive cell phone from them if you do not want to change the sim card in your own phone. Cellhire SimSmart offers a sim card and travel phone bundle where the sim card already installed. They even offer a variety of cell phone preferences including a Samsung galaxy. If you go that route, you can purchase and reload online with free shipping and free sim cards.  The only thing you pay for is the amount of minutes, messages, and data you’re loading as well as the price of the phone.

Cellhire is a world leader in global communication and is working with 25 years of experience to ensure the highest quality, coverage, and connection while abroad. The minimum you can load on the sim card is $20 and the lowest phone starts at $24.95.  You can purchase the sim card or phone and load it up by going to simsmartprepaid.com.

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