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Remember when sitting in class doing nothing but listening to the professor was boring and made it difficult to focus? Keeping students engaged in class is vital in the world of education. One way to do that is to come up with unique ways to get students involved.

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iclicker is a student response system where students can answer questions posed by the instructor on a screen in the style of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”  They’ve taken it to the next step with REEF Polling by iclicker.  REEF Polling is the mobile version of this system where the student can answer right on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.  The instructor presents with anything and can instantly pose questions.  Then the image with the question is sent to the student’s device where they can answer it.  Answer history, including images and questions are stored and can be used as a study guide later on. After everyone has answered, the professor can pull up a bar graph distrusting the scores of the students so they can see how well they did in comparison to the majority of the class. This feature also measures comprehension for the instructor so that he or she can adjust the pace or content of the class accordingly. Another method in which instructors can utilize iclicker is for attendance. Especially if it is a big lecture the iclicker method is efficient and engaging. It is easy to set up taking less than two minutes and has access to data anytime and anywhere.

The instructor or presenter can download the software for free from the website and students can purchase REEF Polling online or in the app store. Pricing options start at $9.99 and go to $31.99 for four years. Head on over to to learn more.

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