Secure Emails Anywhere

Internet security is a serious concern these days, especially with victims of cyber-crimes exceeding 556 million every year. The problem is most people, including corporations, do not know how to protect themselves. Check out a simple and robust solution called Trustifi.


In short, Trustifi is a system where e-mails are encrypted and sent securely to recipients.  When you send an e-mail it’s traceable by the sender.  However that is just the start – senders can track beyond just opening the email – they can even track whether the person on the other end received it, opened it or not, printed it, saved it, made changes or even forwarded it.  You can also encrypt your attachments and send encrypted documents with time and date stamps. This feature is highly important to Trustifi and enables you to never have to carry your pile of bills and statements. Users have the ability to manage personal finances and important mail securely at their convenience. To top it off, using Trustifi works towards saving paper and going green.

Trustifi’s simplicity requires no IT experience to use.  You can even use Trustifi as a web portal or through your current e-mail provider by adding Trustifi to the cc or bcc line.  That means it’s operating system agnostic. No software to install and maintain.

They have several different subscription plans, starting with a free trial. Head to today to learn more.

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