Temporary Photo Albums

A great new social media innovative app called Party Pic has hit the market.  Intended as a location based temporary social media app, Party Pic allows you to post and share with people near you.  Here’s the catch, your posts delete within 48 hours.  It often happens that people post on social media and later regret it. Some have hundreds of photos posted that may be embarrassing or just don’t give off an image that their future selves would appreciate.  Party Pic handles that by not keeping anything permanent, unlike other popular social media apps like Facebook which are known for getting people into trouble.  So take a photo, add text and share it right then and there.


The location-based aspect makes this a popular app for colleges where only those on campus are able to see your posts.  It’s also ideal for college kids because most of their pictures shouldn’t be up longer than 48 hours.  The app is simple. Snap a picture or video instantly. Add a caption and share your posts with people near your current location in just one click.  The digital bulletin board allows you to see what is really going on near you within a 1.5-mile radius. You can use it for getting word out about an event or party in the area or even to connect with like-minded people you think you would get along with. It’s the one-stop app to connect with people near you.

Learn more and download today at partypic.com or search for PartyPic, written as one word, in the app store or Google Play.

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