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There are a number of activity and wellness trackers out there, but they all seem to concentrate on only one aspect of your health, like how many steps you take or what your caloric intake is.  One tracker that stands out as different is Lume Wellness.

It’s an all-in-one wellness tracker that tracks everything from weight, steps and distance in a day, nutrition, food consumption and calories burned.  Beyond that, Lume can track your mood. When you input your mood you add you location and context as well. You can enter if you’re feeling amazing, just okay, or terrible.  That way you can see if there is a correlation between your mood, activities, and food intake.  Lume Wellness also helps you balance your nutritional consumption by not only tracking quantity of fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and dairy –  but also with a sliding color scale to show you what is a healthy serving size for the day.  And after a day of actively managing your wellness, you can review a nutritional breakdown, as well as receive healthy feedback from Lume. To top it off, Lume allows you to set goals for yourself after reviewing your daily statistics so you can improve your lifestyle and mood. It also backs up and syncs data across all devices while notifying you daily to remember to update your data and input your food intakes.

It is the connections between body and mind that sets this app different from other basic trackers. In November, Lume Wellness is launching a 42-day program that will show customers how to eat a balanced meal, live a happy life and lose weight.  Lume Wellness is available on iOS devices for free. Head over to the app store today and search for “Lume Wellness” to download it.  You can also visit them on Facebook or at

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