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Family life can be hectic, especially when the kids get older. With everybody running on a different schedule and with different activities planned, it can be hard to stay organized.  It just got easier with the app Who Has the Kids.


Who Has the Kids is a shared family calendar that tracks every family member’s schedule as well as chore lists and family communications in one central place.  Any caregiver or family member can access the calendar – whether it’s mom, dad, the grandparents, or the babysitter – and assign different caregivers to drop off or pickup the kids. There is also a color-coding system that keeps the calendar clear so it doesn’t get confusing.  You start by setting up an account for the family and assigning a color to each child.  You then create events for family members, assign who is responsible for transportation, and create and assign chores and errands.  If a caregiver suddenly can’t pickup the kids, they can easily “hand off” the assigned task to someone else and once they confirm, the app is updated.  Like any good smartphone calendar you can set notification alarms to go off beforehand.  There is also In-app messaging to coordinate schedules with caregivers.  If you find it necessary to enlist multiple caregivers for one child, the manage caregiver feature allows multiple parties to be responsible for one child.

Who Has the Kids app focuses on the goal of management and organization of family lives in our modern and tech-savvy world. Their focus is to diminish the stress of hectic lives so families can focus on their children and enjoying precious moments in their lives. You can download Who Has the Kids for free on iOS and Android by heading to your app store today or go to to learn more.

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