Natural Skin Care

As consumers we tend to be wary of what we put in or on our body. We no longer just take a product at face-value or ignore the ingredients. What you want is something with natural ingredients that enhances, not deteriorates.  So check out Z Skin Cosmetics.

z skin

The company was started in an entrepreneur’s kitchen. Originally intended for his personal needs, they are now a globally selling brand.  From years of failing with other options, they know what it’s like to over-pay for products, especially organic ones, so their prices are 70 percent cheaper than competitors.  They use unprecedented formulas from Mother Nature herself and hold numerous products ranging from age defying products, mineral makeup, acne, hair care, simply skincare and bundles of combinations. To exemplify a few, we can start with their Facelift Lotion for 22 dollars that uses exotic herbs and oils to erase fine lines and wrinkles, restore radiance and reduce age spots.  Next is their Daytime Eye Cream, which helps instantly reduce puffiness, dark bags and circles, and smooth out fine lines for just 15 dollars.  Finally, the Miracle Face Peel, an organic alternative to expensive chemical peels.  It reduces scars, age spots, and wrinkles for 15 dollars as well.  All of their products use imported top quality ingredients, and are significantly less expensive than other brands.  They import ingredients from all over the world including Japan, Australia, Hungary, and Africa, and combine their cultural traditions of herbal remedies for healthy skin.

To learn more, head on over to  And the first 200 orders will save 75 percent OFF their order, using promo code “NewsWatch1”, but every order will save 15% using the code “NewsWatch2”.

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