Stay Safe While Outdoors

In certain situations, it’s important to easily identify the location of your group members. This is especially true for activities like hunting or hiking, especially when you are out of town. The app Brother’s Keeper helps sort this out. This app allows you to track your group, establish rendezvous points, and for hunters a way to provide that critical safe separation.

MybroKeeperHere’s how it works. Each group member opens the app and activates their connection. While moving together, the group can activate waypoints with photos and location capabilities to track back to if anyone gets lost. When users want to locate another group member all they have to do is go to the navigation screen and tap on that user’s icon to bring up info like user name, current relative location and movement history. Movement history can also be used to track children when they are away from home or in any uncertain setting. If a group member is in danger they can send out a distress call that will alert the entire group. When activated your phone will emit an audible alarm and strobe flash, which comes in handy in low light conditions; and simultaneously will send the group a notification with your relative map location, longitude and latitude. During this distress call, any active group member can view remaining battery levels as well.

Brother’s Keeper was designed for hunters, but can also be used in any situation where you need to find the rest of your crew.  It’s available now for the iPhone, with future plans for the Android. So head over to the app store or on the Internet at

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