Create Branded Currencies

With the recent financial woes we’ve seen across the world, it’s become clear that you need a secondary monetary option. Not to mention currency needs to be reigned in. Check out the newly released Leondrino Wallet by Leondrino Exchange. coins

 The Leondrino concept supports the competition of currencies. What makes Leondrino different is that each brand can have its own currency. For example, Amazon could have AmazonCoins. Through the Leondrino Wallet, consumers will have the opportunity to select and nominate brands for which they can express interest in transacting business through that brand’s own virtual currency.  Leondrino are backed by the current and projected business data of the respective brand to ensure minimal risk for the firm as well as the consumer. For the consumer they can use this smart Leondrino Wallet to handle different currencies including all the branded ones.  As soon as Leondrino Exchange is licensed, they can even connect their checking account up to the wallet. What’s more, because it’s early on, any current adopters of the program will receive introductory offers and vouchers. You can even earn bonus points – since the company is just starting out – by inviting your friends to join. Consumers can also see this as an investment for potential value of Leondrino Currency in the future.

 Some of the top industries seriously considering the introduction of Leondrino Currencies are the Entertainment, Energy and Food industries, to name a few.

The Leonardo Wallet is free to sign up. So head over to to learn more.

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