Gadgets for Your Smart Device

As far as gadget manufacturers go, Avanca is one of the most successful. Avanca was founded in 2009 as a home-based business and today is one of the fastest growing international tech companies in the Netherlands. They develop gadgets for smartphones, tablets, and laptops and make accessories for all mobile devices. Avanca ships 3 to 4 thousand products a day but to outline the company we will highlight a few to start.


 First from their Ockel line, which was unveiled at IFA, is the Sirius B. This device is a Windows 10 pocket PC that has the portability of a smartphone, but has the operating power of a desktop computer. It’s got a super fast flash storage, which works quicker than most hard drives and come equipped with 2 USB ports. an HDMI port, a micro SD- card slot and auxiliary ports.

 Next is the Nebula, which is a powerful media player tha t gives you access to anything in the Google Play store. The Nebula allows you to stream nearly 20 different video file formats in high resolution, including 4K and 3D. It is fueles by android so it allows you to download apps from the Google play store right onto the Nebula media player.

Outside of the Ockel line, Avanca also sells top of the line sports headsets. The D1 and S1 Sports Headsets are made with the latest in Bluetooth chips and have been designed to make sure they never fall out of your ears. Best of all, they’re wireless so bikers, runners, and gym goers no longer need to fuss about tangled headphones.

 After Indiegogo spotted these gadgets at IFA, they asked Avanca to start their own Indiegogo campaign. Now you can find these products on Indiegogo, at or

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