Get to Know Your Friends

How well do you know your friends and family? Better yet, how well do they know you? Here’s how you find out. Check out the app Know Your Crew.

NewsWatch - Know Your CrewIt’s a new type of friendship trivia where you ask and answer funny questions about yourself and your crew or family. It’s both fun and addictive – Know Your Crew is a great option for game night or when you’re feeling curious and are with other people.

Here’s how you play. Download the app and build a crew by inviting at least two people to play with you. Spin the question wheel and land on 1 of 5 fun question types. Know Your Crew has a bank of hundreds of original questions as well as customized question packs on various topics including celebrities and more. You can even make up your own questions. Have you ever wondered who is most likely to get out of a parking ticket? Or what your friends think you do when no one is watching? After everyone responds, predict your friends’ answers – and find out what they said about you! Friends win points for the right predictions. It’s game night plus insight – so you party and learn at the same time.

Know Your Crew is free with in-app purchases and is available for iOS devices, with the Android app coming soon. Head over to the app store or to download it today.

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