Mobile Fitness Training

If you are the type of person who hears about a new fitness program, gives yourself a goal, starts up on it, then eventually just stops following the program, then here is an app for you. Check out the app Freeletics. Freeletics

The company was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany with the goal of empowering people of all ages and fitness levels to become the best version of themselves. Their training system, which is available as a mobile or web-based app, stays in line with this concept. They’ve got thousands of different workouts, which work your body into the shape you want, at the level you need. Now you can use their workouts, but you can also find other like-minded people to meet up and work out with. With 6 million people using the app worldwide there’s no lack of options.

 The app also has a Coach feature that creates a workout plan for you each week based on your goals and fitness level. The app will allow you to complete the workouts anywhere; there is no need to be in a gym with weights and machines. If you are the type of person driven by competition, you can connect with the other users of this app to compare times and stats in order to increase your motivation. Another motivation technique is in the app’s ability to let you track your own progress and share your results with others. With over 700 training variations users are unlikely to get bored of this individualized and flexible fitness program.

Freeletics is much more robust than your usual fitness app and is free to download but if you want to sign up with a coach it’s either $35 for 3 months or $80 for a year. You can download Freeletics for iOS or Android by going to the app store today.

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