Your Gameday Mug

Sports fans are some of the rowdiest, most energetic people you’ll ever see. Whether at a bar, at home on the couch or at a stadium there’s no subduing them.  A product that has come to the market to up that intensity factor is the new smart beer mug called ePint. Epint

 ePint is designed to enhance the game day experience by getting itself involved in the cheer. You can connect your ePint to the ePint app via Bluetooth so whenever your team scores the cup lights up. You can even set it to the color of your team for the true fan experience. And just for that added convenience – it has a bottle opener in the bottom of the mug. ePint is not only for game days though, it has the potential to become much more with its open API so developers can make their own app for the mug. If users are playing a drinking game or just constantly like to see their mugs full, ePint can send alerts for the bartender to refill your drink. ePint knows when it’s full and when it is empty, it even has an alert to slow down. It can even suggest you take a cab home.

You can buy an ePint on Kickstarter for Special pricing of $30 by heading over to or search for ePint Smart Beer Mug on Kickstarter.

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