Who’s Visiting Your Website?

If you own a business, chances are pretty high you have a website. Having a grasp on your site analytics is a vital part of any growing business. The problem is plenty of web analytic tools out there only track stats like, how many visitors checked out your website or how many sessions were logged. You’ll need deeper insights to really make your website successful.  Check out Mouseflow. click_heatmap

 Mouseflow records visitors to your website but then takes it much further. It can be thought of like a live camera of your site. You can play back every visit to your site and see where people browse and click. You can rewind and fast forward through the playback as well. Using the “heatmaps” feature, you can see where visitors are paying attention, how far down they’re scrolling and where they’re most engaged.  With this information you can identify the weak and the strong points of your site. You can also use live filtering to get real-time reports of traffic as well as compare past and present visitor patterns to see how things have changed.  Mouseflow tracks activity from mobile and tablet visitors as well, has customizable settings, and can be used collaboratively by multiple coworkers or co-owners.

This product will allow firms to understand to a fuller extent the people around the firms statistics, and moreover, the causes and correlations of their decisions.

Mouseflow offers a free plan, which includes 100 recorded sessions per month. Additional plans, with more sessions and features, start at just $19 per month.  Mouseflow is used by over 45,000 clients and takes seconds to setup. Head to mouseflow.com and start tracking today.

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