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Speakers are often used for events like parties or barbecues. But when things get noisy and you have to turn up the volume, the sound from regular speakers seems to get distorted. The Tiko Titan as created the perfect remedy for this common problem.tiko

The purpose in designing this speaker was to provide high-quality sound emission at a reasonable price, so you can ditch the distortion when the music needs to be turned up. Beyond emitting crystal clear sound, it also contains a plethora of features like NFC technology integration, Bluetooth compatibility, a USB Port and a number of others. It’s also extremely portable with up to 8 hours of battery life. Not to mention the sleek looking design, don’t forget that it comes with a protective leather cover that flips under to form the unique stand.

The Tiko Titan is the perfect gift for that person on your shopping list who loves high quality sound and great looking speakers with a long battery life. Another person who will love the Tiko Titan is your resident tailgater.. with it’s long battery life and the ability to charge your device off of it’s battery while still playing your music of choice; this speaker is perfect for outdoor use. The affordable price point means that when you buy one for that special person on your holiday list, you can add one to the cart for yourself!

With features such as A2DP wireless audio transmission protocol support, built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB 2.0 that supports external charging, external audio aux input, and a NFC quick paring function the Tiko Titan is at the top of it’s class when it comes to portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers.

You can pick up a Tiko Titan for as low as $179.00. Just head on over to tikonation.com to purchase one.

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