Non-GMO Oils

With scientific progress comes much controversy. Particularly when it comes to something called a GMO. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are rampant in our foods and oils. As consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, the demand for organic and non-GMO foods has never been higher. Unfortunately, some non-GMO foods are harder to find than others. For example, non-GMO cooking oil has been a tough item to locate. That is, until LifeOiL came around to make all our lives a little easier.   non-gmo-life-oil-vegetable-oil

LifeOiL is made from seeds that are 100% non-GMO. After all, the only way to stay all natural is to start from the ground up. In fact, they are even verified by the Non-GMO Project. With such a major accolade you can be assured of the oil’s quality. In addition to being non-GMO, they also use an expeller press process. This is contrary to the usual chemical process. They then combine the oil with natural ingredients, making sure to not include any chemical additives. Once prepared, each of the four oils have a light flavor that work great with a variety of cooking processes. Whether you are looking to sauté, bake, or fry, LifeOiL is a great choice. Or you can just use it to spruce up a salad. They offer four different oils that can be used in any variety you desire. The non-GMO Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, and Healthy Blend provide consumers with a multitude of options.

For tips on recipes on how to use various oils you can check out their website or Twitter page. With this upcoming holiday season there will be plenty of opportunities to spruce up your dinner with all natural goodness. At Walmart, the non-GMO Vegetable and Canola Oils go for $2.98 and the non-GMO All-Purposes Blend sells for $3.98. You can find a store near you by visiting the store finder at

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