Tabletop Photo Light Studio

No matter all the advances in camera technology, there is no substitute for creating the right lighting for a perfect shot. The new product Shotbox was created to help create a the perfect lighting environment with little to no hassle.shotbox

Little to no experience in photography? No problem the Shotbox is user-friendly for all levels of photography; So even if your just beginning it’s actually a great tool to start with when it comes to lighting your subjects. There is one button which controls the 3 different lights in the box and also a nob which controls the intensity of the the brightness. It also comes with the option for interchangeable backdrops, so no more will you need to struggle with someone screwing up your shot in the background or just having a poor one in general. You’ll have professional styled lighting which will make for a professional looking photo at an affordable cost without anyone knowing the difference.

This innovative product creates a perfectly lit environment for photos of products, documents or really anything that’ll fit in the Shotbox. Basically it is a portable and collapsible lighting studio. This is perfect for anyone from Bloggers to anyone who needs to quickly scan documents, photos, journals or scrapbooks. It even works great for product photos if you are selling something online or just love the new present someone got you. Do not underestimate what the perfect lighting can do for you.

The shotbox is really the fiirst of its kind, there really hasn’t been a product out there that is both practicle and easily portable. If you know anyone with a creative nitch and or passion for photography this would be the perfect gift for the holidays.

The Shotbox was a much needed product, no wonder they raised more than double their Kickstarter campaign in no time flat. The Shotbox can be pre-ordered now for $129 with free shipping by going to today.

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