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Traveling the world can be a thrilling and life changing experience. But don’t you want something to track your journey? Something that gives you a sense of accomplishment on where you’ve been with an eye towards where you still want to go? We found a cool new product called The Scratch Off World Map Deluxe that helps to solve that problem in a unique and artistic way. original_deluxe-scratch-map

As you visit a new location you just mark off that spot on the map. To do this just take an average eraser and erase the location. As you visit country after country you’ll be able to see your journeys come to life right in front of your eyes. The map itself is stunning, and is also a great talking piece if it were to be hung up. There are two different maps to chose from; one in white and one in black. They also have one just for the United States if you’re looking to only travel domestically. Thinking of taking your family or friends on a road trip? Grab the United States Scratch Off Map Deluxe to plan out your course and have a great memento of your cross-country trek!

The Scratch Off Map Deluxe makes for a great gift this holiday season for the person on your list who has been bitten by the travel bug. It would also look terrific in the dorm room of a student who recently studied abroad. How about that person who has big dreams of world travel? Give them The Scratch Off Map World Deluxe as a great reminder of their goals and aspirations.

The Scratch Off Map World Deluxe goes for a mere $35.00. So head over to to purchase one today and start tracking your travels.

“This will be a symbol of your journey, reminding you there are still many more interesting places, cultures, languages, foods, and people to explore. There are a lot of stories out there waiting for you to live them!”

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