Find Roommates, Not Strangers

Finding a roommate or moving in with someone new is sometimes a necessary move to get yourself set up financially. However, often times finding a roommate is like rolling the dice. With The Room Ring it doesn’t have to be that way.

This roommate-finder website is designed to save you from unnecessary headaches and winding up with weird roommates. By linking you with potential roommates using only your existing social circles, the Room Ring removes any creepiness or possible danger that sites like Craigslist are well known for. You sign in through Facebook, so you’ll be connected to friends and family or friends of friends. This added benefit could give users something to talk about in RoomRingthe process of getting to know one another. After you sign in and answer some lifestyle questions, you’ll be instantly matched with other users with similar preferences. You can then message that user. That’s why it’s called the Room Ring because you are only matched with people in your “social circle,” or “ring”. There are 3 different sign-up options. You can either list a room, post that you’re looking for a room or post that you’re looking for a roommate. The site is clear, simple, and straightforward and a great way to network for potential roommate or housing.

With the semester coming to an end; this is definitely something that college students should check out. However, college students are not the only ones who can benefit from this great site! With apartments being so expensive, roommates are definitely a huge help when you’re just not ready to live by yourself.

The Room Ring is currently operating in New York and San Francisco with more cities to come. Best of all it’s free to sign up. So head over to to get started. Be sure to follow The Room Ring on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates about their app, coming soon.

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