Behive Monitoring System

Bees are an essential part of our society. Despite their propensity to sting us from time to time, if bees didn’t pollinate our crops then agriculture would heavily suffer. That’s why it is up to us to ensure their survival in a healthy symbiotic relationship. However, Colony Collapse Disorder has been severely affecting our bee populations in the past decade. It is more important than ever before to figure out what is putting bees and agriculture at risk. This leads to finding technological solutions which will help us monitor bee populations. The more information we have, the better we can find solutions to this problem, something which we have been sorely lacking. WiHive has created a way to help this current issue. wihive

Created by bb7, a product development firm, WiHive was realized in less than two months by bb7’s world class designers and engineers, Working together they have succeeded in their efforts to uncover more info about bees and their hives. WiHive is designed to monitor temperatures both outside and inside a hive as well as humidity and internal audio. All of these factors can heavily influence the state of a hive. Understanding the conditions which bees thrive in can help us keep their colonies happy and healthy. The folks at bb7 have future plans to integrate video into the product next spring. Given the patterns of bee behavior, that is the ideal time to open the hive again. In designing bb7’s WiHive, the developers kept humans in mind too, resulting in a user friendly website interface.

A purpose in designing WiHive was to help shed light into the under studied Colony Collapse Disorder where worker bees pretty much abandon the hive. For more information about WiHive or the work that bb7 does, head over to or today.

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