Television production can be quite the chaotic experience. However, things get even more complicated when you enter the realm of live broadcasts. Whether you are live streaming online, or just filming a live event, then you are probably aware that it’s harder than it looks. One of the most important things to have is good reliable technology that does its job when the pressure is on. Luckily, we have people thinking out of the box on how to make this possible, and they brought us the vMix.


vMix is essentially a TV studio in a box. Not only does it provide an excellent software platform from which to control all of your feeds, they also provide fast and efficient hardware solutions to ensure a smooth operation. The power and capability of the software does not keep it from being consumer friendly. Its features include the ability to produce, record and stream a live event with HD mixing of 4K video sources. Not only does it interface with cameras, but it will happily work with DVDs or still images, powerpoints, and many more sources. Not only do these tools come in separate packages, but combined they can be an extremely mobile and powerful system for all your broadcasting needs. The vMix Go Live production system allows you to connect up to 8 cameras right into the box. Then, you have the capability to record and stream with an HD screen that allows you to watch the shots right there. The portability and power of the unit unlocks a lot of hidden potential.

Depending on which option suits your needs the most, prices can range anywhere from $60 to $11,000 for a full-blown solution. With such a broad arrange of options, it will be hard not to find something that fits you just right. Head on over to for more information or to purchase your vMix today.

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