A Keurig for Your Cocktail

We never have been the ones to shy away from a cool new invention, especially where drinks are involved. When it comes to something like mixed drinks, many claim there is an art to crafting the perfect beverage. For some of us who aren’t aspiring bartenders, that can be quite an intimidating hurdle to face. What about those of us who don’t want to make a fuss out of getting a good cocktail? Look no further than the Bartestian. This cocktail machine takes the features of a Keurig and applies it to alcoholic drinks. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

BartesianIf you have ever used a Keurig to get yourself a cup of joe, then you already know the potential of the Bartesian. It really is as simple as popping in a k cup. First off, all you have to do is take one of the capsules and place it into the Bartesian. Set the strength you want and sit back while your drink is made for you. Where there is water in a Keurig machine, this one has 4 liquor reservoirs that you need to keep filled. Each reservoir contains vodka, rum, gin and tequila.

In case you think these capsules are filled with nasty imitation powder ingredients, we are going to set you straight. Each capsule has the real and natural ingredients in liquid form to create the perfect cocktail. The point is not just to make an easy drink, but to also maintain quality. On top of that. the capsule containers are recyclable. Bartesian is launching with a total of 6 drinks. These include the Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks, Zest Martini, Margarita, Cosmo, and Sex on the Beach.

The Bartesian is available for pre-order for $299 while a packet of 12 capsules goes for $20. They’re expected to start delivery in April 2016. To pre-order your Bartesian go to bartesian.com.

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